A Serene and Split Two-Bedroom Austin Apartment

There is a great bounty of benefits to having a roommate: for starters, you can save more of your personal funds and time if you agree to split the rent and the errands, and best case you’ll have someone to talk to and connect with even during the busiest days of the week. Our two-bedroom luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek are ideal for sharing with friends and family, thanks to their remarkable space and their universal amenities.

Our two-bedroom Austin apartment floor plan, the B1, makes it easy for roommates and guests to settle down in ultimate comfort, with approximately 972 square feet of living space and generous opportunity. Both bedrooms sit on separate sides of the apartment, allowing you some much needed privacy during the quiet hours of the night, and they share the same features such as the ability to accommodate a king-sized mattress, an expansive walk-in closet, and close access to their own deluxe bathroom. Share your favorite recipes and snacks in the contemporary kitchen, complete with pantry and cabinet space for easy grocery sorting, a raised breakfast bar, and extra dining space to set down a nice table. Relax and enjoy your free time together in the living room, big enough to fit both your hobbies and interests and including a toasty fireplace for warmth during the winter. Finally, step out and enjoy the fresh air right from the private balcony, or keep your moving boxes and seasonal décor secure in the adjoining storage shed.

Find even ground with your roommate at home here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore the B1 along with our other luxury apartment floor plans in Austin today.

Space Galore in Our Austin Apartments

Having enough space for personal comfort is something we take for granted from time to time, but our luxury apartments here at the Retreat at Barton Creek ensure that you never run into the issue of cramped rooms, stubbed toes, and block ups that slow down your daily routine. It’s ideal for folks with perfect organization skills, those who move around quickly to ready themselves for work, or those whom simply would like the extra room for their hobbies and guests.

For starters, our open concept homes feature spacious patio and balcony spaces, ideal for setting out your outdoor furniture or even your miniature garden and lounging out amongst the stunning community, Greenbelt, or Barton Creek views. Organize all your clothes by design, use, color, or however else you’d like thanks to the walk-in closets included with nearly every bedroom. Our contemporary kitchens are great for cooks of any skill level, with a modern black finish appliance package, granite countertops for setting up prep and snacks, a double stainless-steel sink with disposal for optimal dish rinsing, and custom cabinetry to store your tallest pots and pans. Arrange your favorite family photos or set of paintings and make them pop against the two-tone color scheme, and slide around on the laminate wood or stained concrete floors. Finally, keep the clutter of dirty clothes out of the picture, thanks to the washer and dryer set included in every home.

Get the space you need and the amenities you want at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Schedule a tour of our adaptable luxury apartments in Austin today.

Austin Apartments with Style and Serenity

Sometimes all it takes to turn a bad day into a good one is a small change: a loved one calling or texting you just to see how you’re doing, a gentle walk through a nearby park to admire the scenery, or that sweet wave of relief that flows through you when you get back home. Our amazing luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek grant some of the best home experiences to remedy any foul mood, from our great amenities to the ample amounts of opportunity you have with your space.

First, all our homes feature two-tone paint schemes on the walls, along with vaulted ceilings in several of our apartment models, so that you can make your favorite family photos or paintings pop and add a sense of “you” to your place. Rest easy and cool off from the Texas heat through the air conditioning, high tech digital thermostats, and ceiling fans installed in every bedroom. Escape to your own watery sanctuary in our spa inspired bathrooms, featuring granite countertops and a large soaking tub ideal for soothing baths at any hour. Create the best comfort foods for you and your guests in our contemporary kitchens, which include modern black or stainless-steel appliances, a double stainless-steel sink, and custom cabinetry with brushed nickel finishes. Connect with your closest friends and family using high speed Google Fiber internet available in all our homes. Finally, bring out a cool beverage and admire the stunning community and Greenbelt views from the private balcony or patio space.

Turn every day into a good day here at Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our relaxing luxury apartments near Austin this weekend.

Barton Springs Greenbelt Luxury Apartment Homes in Austin Texas

Finding the true luxury you crave begins with looking for the perfect place that balances all the features you would expect with a personal comfort that you can find nowhere else. You will discover all of this and more when you choose to make your new home at The Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartments in Austin Texas. Indulge in sumptuous luxury apartment and community amenities designed with your enjoyment in mind, which are also perfect for sharing with friends. Your perfect launch pad for your new life begins with premiere layouts and floorplans that are spacious and welcoming. You can always trust that your new home is in a neighborhood that hosts dining and entertainment features that are sure to become your new favorites.

The features you will find here are as amazing as the nature that surrounds you. Just because you spend most of your time exploring the Greenbelt, doesn’t mean you have to stay disconnected all the time. Enjoy the blazing fast speed of Google Fiber and get all the best streaming services. Other conveniences include a washer and dryer in every home to make quick work of laundry so you can get back to what you want to do most. You can even find a balance of luxury and convenience in your gourmet kitchen. Indulge in the beauty of a double stainless steel sink with a powerful disposal, offset by the suite of black on black appliances that will make quick work of cleaning up after any meal. All this is accented by brushed nickel finishes.

There is no other Barton Springs Greenbelt luxury apartment home like the one you will find when you enjoy your new life at The Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartments in Austin Texas.

Cool Apartments for the Summer at Austin

Everyone in Texas understands one thing: while every other season’s weather may be unpredictable beyond rationality, summers are consistently hot and sunny. During the months of May and September, we carry around water bottles to stay hydrated, smooth on sunscreen to prevent the beaming sun from chafing our skin and linger around the shade and water to stay cool. Our luxury apartments here at Retreat at Barton Creek have great amenities to help you stay cool in two ways: by giving your home a relaxing environment regardless of the season, and to allow you to enjoy the best moments in life in utter comfort.

All our luxury apartments come installed with efficient digital thermostats, programmable to your preferences so you can save dozens on electric bills every summer while still keeping your home at the ideal temperatures; there are also large ceiling fans installed in every bedroom and living room for fresh air and ease while resting or entertaining loved ones and large wood blinds to fend off the intense heat of the sun. Serve up some icy beverages or indulge in a sweet treat in our contemporary kitchens, which feature modern black-on-black or stainless-steel appliances and custom cabinetry with brushed nickel finishes to fit all your groceries and cookware. Wash away your sweat and stress in our deluxe bathrooms, complete with large soaking tub and shower combinations for soothing baths. Finally, stay at home and watch fun videos with our super-fast Google Fiber internet available in all our homes.

Stay cool and enjoy the Texas summer here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Venture through our luxury apartments in Austin and see our cool amenities today.

Barton Creek Luxury Apartment Homes

Choosing the right home means finding the perfect balance between personal comfort, luxury and great neighborhood. When you choose to live in The Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas, you have started your new life with a great first step. Indulge yourself with premiere luxury apartment amenities and indulge your friends with community features found nowhere else. Select from a suite of designer layouts and floor plans sure to feature the space you need to have the life you want. You can find all your new favorite places in your new neighborhood, and never find yourself without a place to have a great night out.

More than you have imagined

Finding the right amount of personal comfort comes down to the dedication that shows in the luxury apartment home amenities you get to enjoy. Here, you will find the amenities designed with your personal comfort in mind go beyond anything you have imagined. The room with the most examples of personal comfort and convenience is your personal gourmet kitchen. You can enjoy the convenience of stainless steel or black on black appliances to make all of your kitchen chores a breeze. You will also appreciate the convenience of a double stainless steel sink with disposal. But luxury isn’t limited to the kitchen. Outside the kitchen you will enjoy features unique to life near Barton Creek, like your personal wood burning fireplace. Curl up next to the crackle of a fire and enjoy in home Google Fiber as you watch your favorite series. Or you can take the fun outside onto your spacious patio or balcony. The choice is completely yours.

Choose the right Barton Creek apartment when you chose to live in The Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas.

Luxury Apartments in Austin with Retreat at Barton Creek!

When searching for your next apartment, before you even really begin your search, you need to think over what you’re looking for in the first place and what you need to get out of an apartment. What are you looking for in a location? What kind of amenities are necessities to you and which top your list of nonessential wants? What sort of floor plan is it you’re after? If you’re after the urban appeal of Austin but want a little more close proximity to the soothing effects of nature, then we have just what you’re looking. The best luxury apartments in Austin are close enough to nature to make you feel like you’ve gotten away from it all right here at Retreat at Barton Creek, where our amenities are second to none.


For starters, with our luxury apartments in Austin, you’ll get access to vaulted ceilings, full-size washer and dryer, spacious patios and balconies with Greenbelt, pool, creek, and courtyard views, stained concrete or laminate wood flooring, large walk-in closets, ceiling fans in all bedrooms, and much more. For the tech savvy, we provide the fastest internet around with Google Fiber to make your browsing smooth and lag free for anything from casual browsing to network intensive gaming. In select apartments, we include brushed nickel finishes, stainless steel appliances, wood-burning fireplaces, as well as so much more that comes from staying with us here at Retreat at Barton Creek.


To see more amenities, info on our neighborhood, floor plans, or to ask any questions you have, please visit our leasing office in Austin to see exactly what we provide here.

Apartments in Austin with High Quality Luxury

When it comes to finding a new home, we know how important it is to look for the best: large bedrooms and living space, clean homes with new and modern features, a great location near your work, school, or the best markets in the region, and so on. Whatever it is you long to find, the Retreat at Barton Creek has you covered, with luxury apartments in Austin chock-full of fantastic amenities guaranteed to put a smile on any resident’s face.


For starters, you can access high-speed internet right when you move in, thanks to our pre-installed Google Fiber Wi-Fi; simply connect your computer and use one of the fastest internet servers in the world. The stained concrete or wood-plank style flooring add a touch of style to your home, easily matching nearly any décor scheme and sturdy enough to withstand anything from heavy traffic to accidental food spills. Create perfect home-cooked meals in our contemporary style kitchens, featuring modern black-on-black or stainless-steel appliances, smooth granite countertops with decorative tile backsplash, custom cabinetry with brushed nickel finishes, and a double stainless-steel sink with garbage disposal. Keep your home at the perfect temperature, using convenient tools such as the ceiling fans in each bedroom, thick wood blinds to offer shade from the direct sun, wood-burning fireplaces for roasting marshmallows and fending off the cold winters, and high-tech digital thermostats that you can program to save on your electric bill. Finally, take a breath of fresh air outside and admire the fantastic Greenbelt views from the private patio or balcony.


Give yourself the best fit for your needs at Retreat at Barton Creek. Take a tour of our glorious luxury apartments in Austin today.

Apartments in Austin for Cooks

Everyone has a favorite meal to eat – whether it’s eaten to celebrate a personal victory, to mourn a devastating loss, or simply because it’s what you happen to crave. Some people love vegetables, others push them as far away from them as possible; some love to save dessert for last, and others like a sweet nibble before dinnertime. Whatever your preferences may be, nothing brings family and friends together more than what’s shared at the dining table, and here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, we have the luxury apartments in Austin and amenities you need to make that happen.


Every single luxury apartment here includes a contemporary style kitchen, perfect for cooks of any skill level and background. The laminate wood or stained concrete flooring in the living and dining areas will match your décor scheme with ease while withstanding everything from heavy traffic to accidental ketchup spills. Roast, boil, sauté, and chill to the right measurements in our modern black-on-black appliance package. Wash your hands, dishes, and fresh produce in the double stainless-steel sink with a garbage disposal to tear down unwanted waste. Set down your coffeemaker, ingredients, and décor on the smooth granite countertops. Connect your handheld device to the Google Fiber internet and pull up recipes, tips, and other helpful tools within a blink of an eye. Finally, gather everyone you love around for a great banquet at the spacious dining area, or eat al fresco and admire the great views from the private balcony or patio.


Enjoy the best tastes in life right from home here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Schedule a tour through our luxury apartments in Austin and see our stunning amenities up close today.

Apartment Amenities to Help Escape and Relax at Retreat at Barton Creek

When looking for a place to call home, oftentimes what we’re actually looking for is an escape. A place we can break free from our day to day lives and bustle and just unwind for a while. We want a place with great community amenities and great apartment amenities to make life as stress-free as is possible, and some of us want a place a little out of the way as well, just to let us feel some distance from the urban pace. If this sounds like you, then Retreat at Barton Creek’s luxury apartments are exactly what you’re looking for.


Our apartments allow you to truly relax and unwind inside your home, especially with our interior amenities. One such amenity and a favorite amongst residents is the private balcony or patio, which allows you to admire the tranquil atmosphere that comes with being so close to the Green Belt. These views are just the beginning of what goes into our apartments. Another such feature is our modern kitchens, which feature either stainless steel or black on black appliances, double sinks with disposal, as well as brushed nickel finishes. Our flooring comes either in stained concrete or laminate wood, both of which are easy to clean on top of being sleek and stylish. These, of course, are just a few of our interior amenities


To see the rest of our apartment amenities or our community amenities, or even if you simply have more questions about our luxury apartments, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today and see exactly what Retreat at Barton Creek can offer you.