A Serene and Split Two-Bedroom Austin Apartment

There is a great bounty of benefits to having a roommate: for starters, you can save more of your personal funds and time if you agree to split the rent and the errands, and best case you’ll have someone to talk to and connect with even during the busiest days of the week. Our two-bedroom luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek are ideal for sharing with friends and family, thanks to their remarkable space and their universal amenities.

Our two-bedroom Austin apartment floor plan, the B1, makes it easy for roommates and guests to settle down in ultimate comfort, with approximately 972 square feet of living space and generous opportunity. Both bedrooms sit on separate sides of the apartment, allowing you some much needed privacy during the quiet hours of the night, and they share the same features such as the ability to accommodate a king-sized mattress, an expansive walk-in closet, and close access to their own deluxe bathroom. Share your favorite recipes and snacks in the contemporary kitchen, complete with pantry and cabinet space for easy grocery sorting, a raised breakfast bar, and extra dining space to set down a nice table. Relax and enjoy your free time together in the living room, big enough to fit both your hobbies and interests and including a toasty fireplace for warmth during the winter. Finally, step out and enjoy the fresh air right from the private balcony, or keep your moving boxes and seasonal décor secure in the adjoining storage shed.

Find even ground with your roommate at home here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore the B1 along with our other luxury apartment floor plans in Austin today.

One-Bedroom Apartments in Austin for Rest

A home is more than just an apartment with four walls and a ceiling. It’s a realm of relaxation and comfort, where you can be yourself without fear of being judged or ousted, where you can unwind after a long day in the office or out on the field and enjoy what makes you the happiest. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our luxury apartments offer the escape you need, alongside the amenities you could even want to make the most of every square foot of your place.

One of our one-bedroom luxury floor plans, the A1, gives a home perfect for single residents to settle their roots, whether you’re a veteran or green to Austin’s vibrant community. Its comfortable 691 square feet of living space allows you to fit the essentials while still leaving enough elbow room for early morning stretches, afternoon lounges on the couch, or late evening yoga meditations. Rest easy in the wide bedroom, large enough to fit a king-sized mattress and connected to an expansive walk-in closet to organize your collection of clothes and accessories. Refresh yourself in the deluxe bathroom across the living room, with a large soaking tub ideal for morning showers or midnight baths. Try out new recipes and curb cravings in the versatile kitchen, complete with cabinet space to store all your groceries and extra dining room to set down a nice table. Finally, lounge back and enjoy your “me” time in the huge living room space, or step out and relish in the gorgeous Greenbelt views from the private balcony.

Transform our luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek into your home. Browse through our floor plans, including the A1 model, to find the right fit for you.

A Stylish Studio Apartment in Austin

Studio apartments are the unsung hero of apartments, particularly our luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek. While they may be small in size, they’re ideal for those that are new to owning their own place, or that are accustoming themselves to their new lifestyle in Austin. All our luxury studio apartments have the amenities you want to feel pampered, with the space you need to feel right at home.

Our luxury studio floor plan, the S1, features a comfortable 505 square feet of living space, great for up to two people to reside together with enough space for their toes, elbows, furniture, and décor. Catch up on much needed sleep in the bedroom, mostly walled off for privacy, capable of fitting a queen-sized mattress with ease, and including a large sliding door closet to organize all your outfits and accessories. Take a hot shower in the mornings to wake up or a soothing bath to relieve your aches in the evening in our deluxe bathroom, featuring a large soaking tub. Take care of laundry right from the comfort of home using the convenient washer and dryer connections in between the bedroom and bathroom. Cook up treats for you and your guests in the open kitchen, with ample pantry space and a dining room ideal for table talks. Finally, lounge out and relax after a long day in the spacious living room, or take in the fresh air and beautiful views of the Greenbelt from the private patio or balcony.

Find the ideal first home here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Schedule a tour of our luxury apartments in Austin, including the S1, today.

A1 1 Bed/1 Bath in Austin

One Bedroom - Bedroom3
One Bedroom – Bedroom3
Although it’s true you can feel real luxury from a perfect suite of luxury apartment and community amenities, your sense of being home comes from having the perfect layout in the floor plan you want. You can find all this and more when you launch your new life at the Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas. Discover your favorite layout with all the bedrooms and baths you need to live the life you really want. When you and your friends aren’t indulging in everything your new community has to offer, you can explore your new neighborhood and always find something new.

Find a new depth and welcome coming home when you step into your very own 691 sq.ft. A1 1 bed/1bath. This charming layout opens into a grand and welcoming dining and living area that is perfect for hosting the next big party. Your gourmet kitchen is just off the dining space that has all the features you need to be a Master Chef. There is the added convenience of a laundry nook at the back of the galley kitchen featuring space for a full sized washer/dryer pair. Across from your gourmet kitchen is a dining area with space for your dining set. Through the dining area you can access a short hallway with entrances to your luxury bathroom and tranquil bedroom. Your peaceful bedroom features an oversized walk-in closet with enough space to fit every season of your wardrobe. Adjacent to you dining area, you enter your living area. Feel free to host the next big party as your guests can mingle comfortably in your living area and private balcony/patio.

Find your perfect retreat in your A1 1 bed/1bath at the Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas today!

1 Bedroom Apartment in Austin

When you have decided that your lifestyle needs a good amount of daily luxury, then you need to find the right home to host it. You can find everything that you are looking for when you choose to live in the Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas. Indulge yourself and your friends when you take advantage of the many luxury apartments and community features you will come to love. Choose from any number of well-designed layouts and floor plans that are sure to suit the life you want to live. Your perfect 1 bedroom apartment in Austin is awaiting you at Retreat at Barton Creek. When you spend time in your new neighborhood, you will discover your area has all the dining and entertainments you and your friends could ever enjoy.

More than you could have possibly imagined

Finding the lifestyle you want begins with choosing the right place to live, and this begins when you choose the A1 1 bedroom/ 1 bath featuring 691 sq.ft. of living space. As soon as you enter you are welcomed by a large and inviting living area. Your spacious living area feeds into a cozy dining area that is the perfect distance away from your gourmet kitchen. Here you will find all the tools you need to indulge every culinary fantasy you may have ever had. Your kitchen also features a laundry niche with space for a full sized washer and dryer. From your living space you can access your private balcony as well as your bedroom and spa bathroom. Your bedroom features an ample walk-in closet and your bathroom has everything you need to relax.
Choose to make the right move into the perfect 1 bedroom apartment in Austin when you live in the Retreat at Barton Creek.

Tranquil Two-Bedroom Apartments in Austin

Everyone deserves some peace and quiet now and then, whether you’ve just gotten out of the office and conundrum of traffic and need a few minutes to mentally recover, or you’ve mentally exhausted yourself and just want to spend a day or two on your own. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our beautiful luxury apartments in Austin give that quiet comforts you need to take things easy, from our cozy studios to our versatile two-bedroom apartments in Austin.

Our two-bedroom luxury floor plan, the B1, makes it easy for a single resident or a pair of roommates to relax in their own personal space, offering 972 square feet of living space to arrange and decorate your home in the manner that suits you best. Both bedrooms feature enough room to fit the plushest king-sized beds, so you and your guests are guaranteed a good night’s sleep; they also feature expansive walk-in closets, so you can organize your favorite outfits with ease. Both bathrooms include a large soaking tub, allowing you to take soothing bubble baths without fear of interfering with your roommate’s schedule. Grab a couple of outdoor chairs and admire the amazing views of downtown Austin and the Greenbelt from the private patio space, and even store moving boxes and other clutter away in the adjoining storage shed. Finally, make the large living room your ultimate den of relaxation, with ample room for your softest couch, TV set, dining table, and anything else you need to unwind your body and mind.

Find a peaceful and energizing home for you at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our wonderful two-bedroom apartments in Austin today.

Top Class Two Bedroom Apartment in Austin Barton Creek

When searching for a new apartment, the absolute first thing that must come to mind is the floor plan, before anything else. If you’re flying solo, a one bedroom is the go to, but if you’re looking to split rent, then you’re going to be looking for a two bedroom floor plan, and if you’re looking in the Austin area, then the go to absolutely must be the B1 two bedroom apartment in Austin Barton Creek from Retreat at Barton Creek in, which will accommodate both you and your roommate in luxury.


Upon entering the B1 you will be greeted by the sight of an absolutely massive living space, perfect for sharing and personalizing for the both of you. It provides enough room for any sort of furnishings, personal touches, and the like. Immediately to the left is the modern, sleek kitchen, which gives you all the tools you need to make any dish from simple to gourmet. On either side is a bedroom, bathroom, and closet space, with the right bathroom providing guest access without invading your privacy. Located next to the living area, the balcony is the absolute perfect spot to step out for a breath of fresh air or simply to enjoy our view of the greenbelt, an absolute must.


To see our other floor plans, or more of the B1 two bedroom apartment in Austin Barton Creek, our amenities, neighborhood, or to simply ask any questions you may have about our luxury apartments here in Austin, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today to see exactly what the Retreat at Barton Creek can provide you!

A Sweet One-Bedroom Apartment in Austin to Savor

Finding a home to live in is much like going to the grocery store. You go in, grab a cart, and for the most part, you know what you should be getting, in this case, a comfortable apartment that’s livable and that meets your personal needs. You could always go for just the basics, of course, but why stop there when there are plenty of delicious treats or upgrades that come at no extra cost? Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, we offer everything in our one-bedroom apartment in Austin floor plans, ranging from the space you need to the amenities you desire.


Our one-bedroom luxury floor plan, the A1, is a great starter home for those new to the city of Austin or to living on their own, along with veterans who desire a great place without dealing with outdoor chores. Its cozy 691 square feet of space allows you some elbow room even after all the furniture and décor has been set up. The bedroom can easily accommodate a king-sized mattress, making for amazing lazy days where you can lay in bed all day, and it connects to an expansive walk-in closet to store all your casual and formal wear. Try out a new recipe online or go for some classic comfort food in our open concept kitchen, featuring a raised bar great for snacks and itineraries along with extra room for a nice dining table. Finally, lounge out and stay warm in the wide living room – with an optional third-floor fireplace to fend off the winter chill, or take a cool beverage and enjoy the beautiful Austin views from the private balcony space.


Reward yourself with a one-bedroom apartment in Austin here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Check out our A1 one-bedroom luxury apartments near Austin today.

Studio Apartment in Austin with Style, Serenity, and Space

Several people tend to have the misconception that studio apartment is undesirable, that their compact size makes homes too cramped to comfortably live in or that the lack of an official bedroom makes tenants uncomfortable. On the contrary, our luxury studio apartments in Austin, TX at the Retreat at Barton Creek have all the space you need to ensure you enjoy every square foot of your home, along with the fantastic amenities that every model shares and the peace and quiet for restful nights.


Our luxury studio floor plan features a cozy amount of 505 square feet of space, more than enough space to fit in your essential furniture, décor, and still have room to stretch your legs and relax. Catch a good night’s rest in the roomy bedroom den, large enough to accommodate a plush queen-sized bed and complete with a huge sliding closet to organize all your clothes and accessories. Wash away your worries in the deluxe bathroom, featuring a large soaking tub and washer and dryer connections to work on laundry right from home. Cook up some delicious meals and memories in the open concept kitchen, with ample cabinet space to store all your groceries, extra dining space for a nice table, and a raised bar for easy snacking. Finally, lounge back and enjoy your spare time in the wide living room – roomy enough for your comfy couch, TV set, and all your hobbies, or take a deep breath of fresh air right from the private balcony.


Enjoy the best of studio apartment living right here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Visit our luxury apartments in Austin today and see if the studio floor model is the right fit for you.

Luxury One-Bedroom Apartment in Austin at Retreat at Barton Creek

Sometimes, even when moving somewhere urban, you want your home to have some distance from the hustle that comes with the urban atmosphere, to preserve it as a place you can relax and unwind. Somewhere a little out of the way, but still close enough that you always have something to do. Great amenities and services only add to this, and if this all sounds good to you, then your best choice for a one-bedroom in Austin is Retreat at Barton Creek, where your needs will be met with ease by our luxury apartments. And especially if you’re looking for a one-bedroom, your best bet is the A1 model.


With the A1 model, you will be greeted by your living room as soon as you enter, which will undoubtedly be styled to suit your tastes, and thus be a welcome sight after a long day. With an option for a third-floor fireplace as well, the living space is truly spacious and perfect for just relaxing or entertaining. Past this is the dining area, which is large enough for a full dining set, and is located next to a full modern kitchen, well equipped to let you take on any sort of dish you desire. Back across the living space is the patio area, which is great for entertaining or stepping out for a breath of fresh air, as well as a view of the gorgeous natural scenery. Back and across from the kitchen is the hall with doors leading both to a guest accessible bathroom, as well as the bedroom, which is open and large enough for a true freedom in customizing the space to perfectly suit your tastes. The bedroom also has access to the large, walk-in closet space, which is large enough to ensure you can easily house all your belongings.


To see more of our one-bedroom luxury apartments, as well as our amenities and neighborhood perks, please feel free to drop by our leasing office today and see just what Retreat at Barton Creek can offer you