Kerbey Lane Café in Austin

When deciding what you want in a new luxury apartment home, shouldn’t you reflect on what you expect a luxury lifestyle to be? When you choose the Retreat at Barton Creek to host your new lifestyle, you are getting more than you ever expected for luxury apartments in Austin Texas. Here you can indulge your friends with spectacular community amenities that are meant to be shared. You will also find countless luxury apartment amenities that are designed for your personal comfort and daily enjoyment. When you choose to spend some time outside your home, you will find a lively and eclectic neighborhood to enjoy that only adds to the thrills of your new luxury apartment home.

Of the many things Austin is famous for, food is high on the list. What is special about Austin is a shared philosophy across the entire food scene that all ingredients need to be fresh and locally sourced. Taking on the monastic expenditures of a college town, affordability is also a key ingredient to a successful restaurant. You will find all these features at the well-known Kerbey Lane Café. In their own words “On May 5th, 1980, Kerbey Lane Cafe opened its doors for business, operating out of a small house on Kerbey Lane in north-central Austin. We’ve always sought to serve good, homemade quality food that is local, healthy and affordable while providing a welcoming and memorable experience to all who come through our doors. These simple principles have helped grow Kerbey Lane Cafe from a single location operation out of a humble house into an Austin-favorite comprised of seven restaurants spread across the Austin area.” Delicious.

Indulge yourself with a classic Texas welcome with a meal of locally sourced ingredients at the Kerbey Lane Café that is just around the corner from your new home at the Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin Texas.