Modern Amenities, Timeless Comfort

Technology has had a significant boom over the last few decades: people carry around tiny computers in their pockets or purses in the form of smartphones, goods are easier to purchase thanks to online retailers and other electronic features such as credit cards, and cars are almost at the point where they can drive themselves. With all this wonderful growth in tech, it’s nice to bring that innovation right to your home. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our luxury apartments have all kinds of modern amenities to keep up with the times, along with many relaxing benefits to enjoy throughout the day.

For starters, all our luxury apartments have access to Google Fiber, an incredibly fast form of internet; just sign up for your own account and surf the Web right when you move in to your home. Cook your meals to perfection in our contemporary style kitchens, featuring modern stainless-steel appliances, custom cabinetry with brushed nickel finishes, and sleek countertops and tile backsplash. Keep cool during the hot summers using our energy efficient air conditioning, digital thermostats, and ceiling fans installed in every bedroom; or keep warm and toasty during the chilly winters through the wood-burning fireplace in the living room. Admire the fantastic views of the Greenbelt, Barton Creek, and downtown Austin right from your private balcony or patio space. Finally, work on your laundry from the comfort of home using the convenient washer and dryer sets installed in every home.

Enjoy the best of today and tomorrow at the best place in the world: home. Explore the Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartments, and check out our modern amenities today.


A Terrific Two-Bedroom Apartment Home in Austin

Nothing quite keeps back the nasty pull of loneliness more than a good friend. Doesn’t matter if you have only one or two, or an entire posse of guys and gals you spend time with; it doesn’t matter if most of your friends are family, or co-workers, or old pals you’ve met in school. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, we understand the importance of friendship, which is why we offer two-bedroom luxury apartment homes for any occasion, whether you want guests to liven your weekends or a permanent roommate to share the bills and laughter.


Our first two-bedroom floor plan, the B1, offers an impressive 972 square feet of space, great for two roommates or even a small family to share a home together comfortably. Both the master and guest bedrooms have ample space, enough to fit a king-sized mattress, if you so desired, and connect to their own walk-in closets, making outfit organization a piece of cake; the master bedroom also includes its own bathroom, so you and your guests can wash away your stresses at any time. Meet up together and share some fun times in the wide living room, great for fitting in your TV, comfy sofa, and whatever hobbies and décor you’d like to make it your own. Take a breath of fresh air right from the private balcony on the warm months. Finally, share your favorite recipes in our open concept kitchens, featuring extra dining space to set a nice table and plenty of pantry space to hide that secret stash of cookies.


Celebrate your life with friends and loved ones here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Check out our great luxury apartment models in Austin today and see if the B1 is the right fit for you.

Carve your Pumpkins at Black Sheep Lodge

It’s that time of year again, and Halloween is slowly coming around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to bring out all the spooky decorations, plan out your costume for this year, grab the bags of candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters – or don’t, for there’s nothing wrong with keeping a stash of your own, and of course, to start carving the pumpkins. Everyone has their own unique way of carving into tradition, making the standard face or perhaps a full art display, but there’s one place to put your pumpkin skills to the test.

Right by the Retreat at Barton Creek, the Black Sheep Lodge will be hosting its 5th annual Pumpkin Carving on the Patio event. The restaurant is located only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments – a four minute drive or ten minute bus ride – and it features all sorts of delicious American style meals, the #1 best burger in South Austin, and a wide arrange of beer and spirits to try out. On October 24th at 7p, you’re invited to join the fun and carve your own pumpkin while enjoy tasty treats and a fun environment. Pumpkins will be available for purchase for $5 each, or you can bring your own; carving tools will be supplied for free. Come in and carve whatever you want, and prizes for first, second, and third will be handed out. Best of all, minus the pumpkin and possible thinking food, the event is entirely free.

Delve into your creative side and into the spirit of Halloween here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our lovely luxury apartments in south Austin today, and then participate in the Black Sheep Lodge carving contest this year.

A Home that Gets You Going Places

Everyone has an ultimate goal in life: to get that dream job you’ve always wanted, to be financially stable –even enough to own a lot of material goods to enjoy, to fall in love and start a family, or perhaps a mixed combination of all three of these things. Whatever it is that you desire, you have every right to chase after it, to move forward and learn from mistakes and to congratulate your successes along the way. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our luxury apartment community helps makes that journey easier, with amenities to keep you moving literally and figuratively.

First, our great location near downtown Austin gives you quick access to the urban shopping, the University of Texas, the State Capital, and anywhere else you need to go within the metroplex, thanks to handy public transportation, bicycles, and your own two feet. If you need help trimming that to-do list at work, you can use our high-tech business center, complete with desktop workspaces and complimentary Wi-Fi to get overtime projects done right at home. Need an extra perk in the morning or afternoons? We offer a free gourmet coffee bar for any coffee and tea lovers. Those wanting to work on getting that dream body will enjoy our state-of-the-art fitness center, full of modern cardio and strength training equipment to maximize your workout. Finally, give yourself a moment to breathe and puppy-cuddle your furry best friends thanks to our pet friendly facility and large dog park.

Propel forward towards your dreams in a dream home here at Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our fantastic luxury community today.