Lean and Green at Our Austin Barton Creek Apartments

There’s nothing wrong with coveting a healthier lifestyle, even when you’re already at an ideal mass for your body type. After all, a frequent exercise routine, ranging from your intensive leg days and heart-pumping runs to softer stretches and yoga meditations, increases your metabolism, immune system, and overall mood. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our fresh Austin Barton Creek apartments offer more than just homes to relax in, but a beautiful luxury community great for all kinds of active movement and hobbies.

For starters, what better way to begin or expand your workout routine than at a modern gym? Our state-of-the-art fitness center comes with numerous high-tech cardio and strength training equipment to maximize your efforts, along with ample space perfect for strengthening your balance with Warrior poses. Best of all, it’s open twenty-four hours every day, so you can adjust your workout schedule to whenever you’re most comfortable. Want to take your fitness outside? Our gigantic lap pool is large enough for adept and beginner swimmers alike to breaststroke to their heart’s delight, while the beautiful infinity edge resort-style pool allows for more relaxing excursions in the cool water, along with the adjoining sundeck for soaking up the warm sun. Our great location allows you to simply walk to many shopping and dining attractions, saving you on time and gas while burning extra calories on your adventures. Finally, take a hike through the wonderful and scenic Barton Creek Greenbelt, great for early morning jogs or letting your furry best friend walk in the fresh air.

Expand from your limitations and live a healthy, happy life at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our expansive luxury Barton Creek apartments  in Austin today.

Apartments in Austin with High Quality Luxury

When it comes to finding a new home, we know how important it is to look for the best: large bedrooms and living space, clean homes with new and modern features, a great location near your work, school, or the best markets in the region, and so on. Whatever it is you long to find, the Retreat at Barton Creek has you covered, with luxury apartments in Austin chock-full of fantastic amenities guaranteed to put a smile on any resident’s face.


For starters, you can access high-speed internet right when you move in, thanks to our pre-installed Google Fiber Wi-Fi; simply connect your computer and use one of the fastest internet servers in the world. The stained concrete or wood-plank style flooring add a touch of style to your home, easily matching nearly any décor scheme and sturdy enough to withstand anything from heavy traffic to accidental food spills. Create perfect home-cooked meals in our contemporary style kitchens, featuring modern black-on-black or stainless-steel appliances, smooth granite countertops with decorative tile backsplash, custom cabinetry with brushed nickel finishes, and a double stainless-steel sink with garbage disposal. Keep your home at the perfect temperature, using convenient tools such as the ceiling fans in each bedroom, thick wood blinds to offer shade from the direct sun, wood-burning fireplaces for roasting marshmallows and fending off the cold winters, and high-tech digital thermostats that you can program to save on your electric bill. Finally, take a breath of fresh air outside and admire the fantastic Greenbelt views from the private patio or balcony.


Give yourself the best fit for your needs at Retreat at Barton Creek. Take a tour of our glorious luxury apartments in Austin today.

A Sweet One-Bedroom Apartment in Austin to Savor

Finding a home to live in is much like going to the grocery store. You go in, grab a cart, and for the most part, you know what you should be getting, in this case, a comfortable apartment that’s livable and that meets your personal needs. You could always go for just the basics, of course, but why stop there when there are plenty of delicious treats or upgrades that come at no extra cost? Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, we offer everything in our one-bedroom apartment in Austin floor plans, ranging from the space you need to the amenities you desire.


Our one-bedroom luxury floor plan, the A1, is a great starter home for those new to the city of Austin or to living on their own, along with veterans who desire a great place without dealing with outdoor chores. Its cozy 691 square feet of space allows you some elbow room even after all the furniture and décor has been set up. The bedroom can easily accommodate a king-sized mattress, making for amazing lazy days where you can lay in bed all day, and it connects to an expansive walk-in closet to store all your casual and formal wear. Try out a new recipe online or go for some classic comfort food in our open concept kitchen, featuring a raised bar great for snacks and itineraries along with extra room for a nice dining table. Finally, lounge out and stay warm in the wide living room – with an optional third-floor fireplace to fend off the winter chill, or take a cool beverage and enjoy the beautiful Austin views from the private balcony space.


Reward yourself with a one-bedroom apartment in Austin here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Check out our A1 one-bedroom luxury apartments near Austin today.

The Barton Springs Pool at Zilker Metropolitan Park

Swimming in winter is mostly unheard of. Go far up north, and the water will be too frozen to even break through the thick layer of ice on the lakes; try further south, and the rivers will be too frigid to jump in without risking hypothermia and an overall unpleasant experience; and you can forget trying to swim in any of the oceans – they’re cold all year long. However, here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our luxury apartments stand close to The Barton Springs Pool, where swimming outdoors is an all-time deal.

The Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Metropolitan Park is a great place to delve in and enjoy the brisk feeling of fresh water; it’s located only four miles away from our luxury apartments, so it’s easy to take a short twelve-minute drive to the park. Naturally heated by the Earth’s warmer depths, the water stays at a constant 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for staving off both the winter chill and the summer heat. The pool is open almost every day from 5am to 10pm – with the exception of Thursdays – and has a lifeguard stationed from 8a-6p for those with young kids or uncertainty in their swimming skills. Keep to the shallows and soak up the warm sun under a thin layer of water, or dive deep in eighteen foot reaches and immerse yourself in soothing warm water. Best of all, from now until February 25th, admission during the lifeguarded hours is entirely free.

Dive in and enjoy water’s bliss at any time of year here at The Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our great luxury apartments in Austin today, and then make a trip to the Barton Springs Pool the next time you crave a good swimming session.