An Adventure at Barton Creek

Let’s face it: we all had those moments as a kid – or maybe even as adults – where we pretend we’re in some kind of vast landscape, trekking and climbing the new frontier of a playground or park, staying away from the floor that suddenly turned into boiling lava, solving puzzles and unlocking doors to discover treasure and all kind of goodies even if it’s the simple struggle of reaching for that coveted cookie jar above the fridge. As you grow older, it’s important to still keep the fun in your life and to enjoy the free time you have with your closest friends and family, which is why our great location at the Retreat at Barton Creek allows you to have the most fun with the least travel time.


If it’s an intense and thrilling adventure you want, try out the immersive escape rooms featured at The Escape Game in Austin; it’s located about five miles away from our luxury apartments, closer to downtown, and can be reached via a thirteen-minute drive or a half hour transit using the bus. Escape rooms are a new trend in entertainment in which you’re locked in an immersive environment with a group of friends, and the ultimate goal is to solve the riddles throughout the room and escape before time runs out. The Escape Game now has five different scenarios to play with, ranging from getting the perfect score at your intermediate school to breaking out of a high-security prison, and up to twelve players can join in, so bring as many friends as you want. Tickets are $32 per person, and reservations can be made through the website.


Have yourself an adventure just like old times here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our beautiful apartments today to find the perfect home near Austin, and then reserve a room for you and your loved ones at The Escape Game for unforgettable fun.