The Barton Springs Pool at Zilker Metropolitan Park

Swimming in winter is mostly unheard of. Go far up north, and the water will be too frozen to even break through the thick layer of ice on the lakes; try further south, and the rivers will be too frigid to jump in without risking hypothermia and an overall unpleasant experience; and you can forget trying to swim in any of the oceans – they’re cold all year long. However, here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our luxury apartments stand close to The Barton Springs Pool, where swimming outdoors is an all-time deal.

The Barton Springs Pool in Zilker Metropolitan Park is a great place to delve in and enjoy the brisk feeling of fresh water; it’s located only four miles away from our luxury apartments, so it’s easy to take a short twelve-minute drive to the park. Naturally heated by the Earth’s warmer depths, the water stays at a constant 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for staving off both the winter chill and the summer heat. The pool is open almost every day from 5am to 10pm – with the exception of Thursdays – and has a lifeguard stationed from 8a-6p for those with young kids or uncertainty in their swimming skills. Keep to the shallows and soak up the warm sun under a thin layer of water, or dive deep in eighteen foot reaches and immerse yourself in soothing warm water. Best of all, from now until February 25th, admission during the lifeguarded hours is entirely free.

Dive in and enjoy water’s bliss at any time of year here at The Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our great luxury apartments in Austin today, and then make a trip to the Barton Springs Pool the next time you crave a good swimming session.