Outdoor Seating at Soto South Lamar

Sushi pic by Scott T. from Yelp - Outdoor Seating at Soto South Lamar

Nothing compares to the excitement of finding a new place at Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. Settle into a more relaxed pace of life and stylish luxury apartment features you will love. Spend every weekend indulging in soothing community amenities close to home or explore the vibrant city of Austin with friends. Enjoy local gems like outdoor seating at Soto South Lamar and satisfy your craving for cutting-edge Japanese cuisine. Other upscale restaurants and shopping are waiting to be discovered, so don’t be shy about hitting the town with your friends. Isn’t it time you started living the lifestyle you deserve?

Soto South Lamar

Quench your thirst for Japanese cuisine with an Austin flair when you and your friends enjoy a meal at Soto South Lamar. Cory K. shares the latest scoop on Yelp, “Took my lovely wife for her birthday dinner, with two sons in tow. We ordered four omakase dinners. We were all completely blown away! Chef Andy has clearly upped his game since the last time I had his omakase selection. Flavors have been tuned so carefully, every bite felt complete. There was a really cool selection of nigiri that were served in a little cabinet so that they could be exposed to sakura-smoke, something I’ve never seen before. Social distancing was executed well, with the restaurant just shy of 50% capacity. Wait staff were very respectful and careful. No complaints at all.” Treat yourself to something tasty.

Try outdoor seating at Soto South Lamar to celebrate your new digs at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. Tour your way and see for yourself.

Dine-In at Matt’s El Rancho

tex mex-style enchiladas, rice and refried beans - Dine-In at Matt's El Rancho

Treating your friends to a great meal to celebrate is always a good idea. Celebrate finding a new luxury apartment home at Retreat at Barton Creek with dine-in at Matt’s El Rancho in Austin, Texas. No matter where you have lived before Retreat at Barton Creek, you will love the change of pace. See what an improvement luxury apartment features and fun community amenities can make in your lifestyle. Best of all, there are plenty of other gems like Matt’s El Rancho nearby so that you can enjoy every weekend exploring. Start living the life you have dreamed of right here.

Dine-In at Matt’s El Rancho

Tex-Mex food is one of the finest dining traditions in Texas. You can taste the heritage in every dish at Matt’s El Rancho. In their own words, “Matt Martinez started his career in 1923 at the age of six selling tamales from a wooden pushcart by the Texas Capitol. Matt & Janie opened El Rancho in 1952 on East 1st Street in downtown Austin with no employees and seating for 40. Matt worked the front of the house and Janie made everything from scratch in the kitchen. Today the South Lamar restaurant seats more than 500. El Rancho still makes everything from scratch. Our in house tortilla factory grinds Non-GMO corn daily to make the freshest corn tortillas and chips you can find. Our famous Margarita’s are made with fresh squeezed lime juice.” Celebrate your good fortune with a meal for all of your friends, then invite them back to your new place at Retreat at Barton Creek.

Discover dine-in at Matt’s El Rancho and other gems when you find a new home at Retreat at Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. Schedule your tour today and step into a relaxed new world.

Try Gourdough’s Public House

bacon, mozarella, and tomato on a fried onion ring - Try Gourdough's Public House

Enjoying the little things is a part of pure luxury. Find more than you knew you needed at Retreat at Barton Creek. Pick the right floorplan and dive into luxury apartment living that you have only dreamed of. Comfy luxury apartment features and fun community amenities turn every day into a staycation. Best of all, you can enjoy all that your Austin neighborhood has to offer. Call your friends up and try Gourdough’s Public House the next time you want to celebrate. Never let a victory go uncelebrated, no matter how big or how small.

Try Gourdough’s Public House

Restaurant life is slowly returning to normal. While meeting the challenges of social distancing can be hard, some places are knocking it out of the park. Johanna J. has the scoop on Yelp, “I love Gourdough – can’t get enough of their desserts and creative concoctions. This place is heaven for any die hard foodie; might not be suited for those calorie conscious folks BUT so worth it. My hubby has ordered takeout from this location on multiple occasions. This was our first dine-in experience since COVID-19 and I was impressed. We usually stop by their food trailer but this location is close to home. Happy to say GPH is practicing social distancing…If you’re visiting or new in town – please stop by; you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended!” What’s not to love?

Try Gourdough’s Public House and invite your friends along. You can find this and other local eats when you live at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas.

Brewed Beverages to Warm the Soul in Phoenix

brewed beverages

A cup of coffee is a popular remedy for many people of the world, whether they prefer a hot cup of joe in the mornings to help them wake up and start their day off right, or if an iced latte in the afternoon to cool off from the intense summer heat. If you’re a coffee person, a tea person, or just someone that appreciates fine brewed beverages, our luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek have you covered.

Barley Bean Café is a local eatery in Austin that specializes in coffee, tea, smoothies, and treats to enjoy at any time of day. It’s located only a fifth of a mile from our luxury apartments, and while their dining area may be closed to respect social distancing ordinance, they offer to-go services that allow you to drive up and pick up your fresh coffee or snack with just a two-minute drive. Try out one of their twenty-three coffee flavors, available in iced or hot variants, including their classic house coffee, their creamy mocha or latte, or one of their invigorating espresso shots. They also offer tea for tea lovers, hot chocolate from fresh cacao beans, and healthy smoothies mixed with garden fruits, juices, and other tasty additives. If you get hungry, they have an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, such as their vegan breakfast tacos, an oatmeal bowl, avocado and turkey paninis, or their signature 12” or 16” pizzas.

Refresh yourself with incredible brewed beverages at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Visit Barley Bean Café in Austin as well as our luxury apartments first thing in the morning.

Best Burgers at Wholly Cow

Burger from Wholly Cow

Luxury living means enjoying the things you love in a relaxing setting. Start with a new place to call home at Retreat at Barton Creek. See what premium Austin luxury apartment living is all about. It’s easy to find the right floorplan – each home has luxury apartment features you will love. Best of all, community amenities and local restaurants mean never having to travel for a fun-filled weekend. Find the best burgers at Wholly Cow, and enjoy them in your luxury apartment home. The life you want to live is right here. 

Best Burgers at Wholly Cow

Takeout and delivery are better than ever. Get your burger fix at Wholly Cow, and see what a difference grass-fed beef can be. Wholly Cow is as close to Austin culture as the Barton Creek Reservoir. You will find plenty of healthy options – this is the right way to a burger. In their own words, “Taste the Best Local Grass-Fed Burgers in Austin, Texas. Wholly Cow Burgers is known for delicious organic Grass-Fed Beef Burgers, Cheesesteaks, Reubens, breakfast, and much more! We are excited to offer Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, and Allergy-Friendly options since 2010 (before it was cool)!” Add more Austin to your menu with a meal from Wholly Cow – down the street from Retreat at Barton Creek.

Find the best burgers at Wholly Cow when you live at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. The lifestyle you want lives right here.

Mediterranean Coffee and Charm in Austin


Many people around the world run on coffee, from the suburbs of the United States to the mountains of Asia, the vast fields and deserts of Africa and the forests and jungles of South America, all the way to the coastlines of Europe. Our luxury apartments at Retreat at Barton Creek have no lack of amazing coffee and food options for you to enjoy, even if you’re looking for a Mediterranean twist.

Opa! is a local coffee and wine bar that specializes in international beverages, Greek food, and of course fresh-brewed coffee. Their dining room is still closed in respect of quarantine regulations, but their menu offers take out and delivery, and they’re only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments. Indulge yourself in one of their select brews of coffee or tea from the Mediterranean which changes seasonally, or stop by during happy hour from 3-7pm every day and take a bottle of wine or beer back home to toast with. If you’re looking for a meal, start out with one of their great appetizers, such as their famous hummus trio, oven baked feta, or the traditional Greek salad; afterwards, move on and enjoy a fresh thin-crust pizza, a chicken or lamb gyro, or ground falafel. Finally, they have breakfast and dessert options as well for early risers and those with a sweet tooth.

Perk yourself up with Mediterranean flavor at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Order takeout from Opa! and tour our Austin luxury apartments this weekend.

Barley Bean on South Lamar

As Texas reopens, more of your favorite places will start welcoming you back to their dining rooms. Until then, you can still get your favorite stuff via delivery and takeout from places like Barlet Bean on South Lamar. You can find plenty of tasty treats within walking distance when you live at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. First, there is the incredible treat of living in Austin. Add to that top-notch luxury apartment features, and your life at Retreat at Barton Creek keeps getting better. Host your friends for dinner and share a slice of “the good life.” Luxury apartment features create a unique suite of comfort you can enjoy every day. No matter what floorplan you choose, everyone will have plenty of room to relax. Meet up with your friends for dine-in, or host them for dinner al fresco in your new luxury apartment.

Barley Bean on South Lamar

Soon you will be able to get back to your morning coffee routine at Barley Bean on South Lamar. But it’s also ok to confess to becoming accustomed to delivery and takeout. Isn’t it nice for someone to deliver your favorite treats while you do something else at home? It is. Here’s what Barley Bean has to share, “Barley Bean Cafe is a specialty and a boutique coffee shop, bakery, roastery, and retailer, born and based in Austin, Texas. We are dedicated to providing the highest grade coffee, artisanal food, and crafted brews. We aim to bring out the most exquisite flavors in our menu and unique characteristics in our cup. We make beautiful products and like to share the stories behind them. Local ingredients, simple menu, and love is our mantra. We can’t wait to continue this journey with you.” The life you want starts right here in Austin.

You can support exciting local businesses like Barley Bean on South Lamar when you live at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas.

Amazing Asian-American Fusion in Austin


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re craving two types of cuisine at once? You may want the tangy deliciousness of orange chicken while pairing it up with southern mashed potatoes, or maybe you want a pizza with a Mexican-inspired twist. Our luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek put you at the heart of Austin’s best fusion cuisine, so whether you make it at home or pick something up from a nearby restaurant, you’re guaranteed to find unique flavors.

Loro is a local restaurant that pulls together the flavors of an American smokehouse and an Asian eatery in one harmonious sitting. It’s highly rated by Google reviewers, and while their dine-in areas may be closed for safety concerns, they still offer take out and delivery options so you enjoy their cuisine at the comfort of home. Start out by picking one of their delightful appetizers, such as the fresh cabbage salad, sweet corn fritters with sriracha aioli, or sesame rice noodles. Afterwards, move onto the main course and savor plates like smoked beef brisket, grilled salmon, or the Malaysian chicken, or try your hand on their filling bowls such as the pork belly rice bowl or the salmon rice bowl. You can also order drinks for take-out, including their signature cocktails, canned and bottled draft beers, or non-alcoholic faves such as sparkling water and lemonade.

Have the best of both worlds and eat it, too, at Retreat at Barton Creek. Tour our Austin luxury apartments online and order from Loro restaurant for your next fusion meal.

To-Go: Texican Cafe Near You

To-Go: Texican Cafe Near You

Cooking at home can be fun, but you still need to treat yourself. Living at Retreat at Barton Creek luxury apartment homes means having all of Austin at your fingertips. When everyone is making the most of to-go and delivery, you have a world of flavors all around you. What will be your perfect cheat meal? How about the Texican Cafe near you? Enjoy your meal in your expansive dining or living room. Or take your meal onto your private balcony for dining al fresco. Every layout is spacious, no matter the floorplan you choose. Other perks at Retreat at Barton Creek include community amenities that make life easier. You can even find special treats for your best friend on four legs. No matter what is happening in the news, you can always rely on comfortable luxury apartment features to help you. Treat yourself to some to-go dining and relax.

To-Go: Texican Cafe Near You

People of Austin have been enjoying Texican Cafe long before they switched to to-go or delivery only. When you are craving the classic Tex-Mex flavors only Austin can give, you should give them a call. In their own words from Yelp, “Our Mexican restaurant serves up the best Tex-Mex dishes in the area. Our laid back and causal atmosphere is the perfect place to catch up with friends for a round of margaritas, or bring the whole family to enjoy some Mexican fare. We promise you’ll love our signature enchilada plates, fajitas, tacos, and more. We are the best choice in the area for a delicious lunch or dinner, and we even have gluten free offerings. Stop in today or visit us online to check out our menu.” If you have been a fan before, you can still enjoy their special dishes in the comfort of your luxury apartment home.

Try some to-go: Texican Cafe near you when you live at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. The flavor lives on!

A Refreshing Natural Spring for Spring in Austin


Spring is making its way back into Texas again, and it’s bringing warmer temperatures around with it. There’s no better time to grab the swimsuits from the storage bin and break them in with a dip at a local pool. While there are many options for swimming at our luxury apartments in the Retreat at Barton Creek, including our own beautiful infinity edge pool, there’s one spot in particular that stands out from the rest.

The Barton Springs Pool is Austin’s own natural springs and local pool, and it’s a popular destination during the spring and summer for all Austin families. It’s located only three miles away from our luxury apartments, at the heart of the Zilker Park, so you can grab a few friends and drive to the springs in ten minutes or less. The pool is an astonishing three acres in size, so there’s plenty of space to wade around even during the hottest days of the year. It’s also naturally heated, staying at a comfortable 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for swimming at any time of year. From March 14th to April 26th, visitors can stop by the pool for just $5 per person ($2 for seniors and kids 1-11 years of age) and swim around the beautiful waters, all while lifeguards stand watch for protection. Late night or early morning swimmers can also stop by without admission fees due to the lack of guards.

Immerse yourself in the best waters in Austin at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Visit our Austin luxury apartments and the Barton Springs Pool when they reopen on March 14th.