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Music and Java: Grab a great Blend or Brew at Radio Coffee & Beer

Finding a nice place to unwind or hang out with friends close to home can be a pretty long process. Sometimes finding just the right spot can be difficult or impossible, however with Retreat at Barton Creek, we offer several locations in the neighborhood for you to try. One that stands out is Radio Coffee & Beer, the perfect place to enjoy a warm cup of coffee or a cold glass of beer with the entertainment to match.

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Founded by a UT grad who spent years in Seattle learning the perfect brew, Radio Coffee & Beer hosts both the careful and sweet coffee of the pacific northwest as well as the local brews that have become a signature for Texas, especially Austin. Radio guarantees that any imperfect cup of coffee will be carefully remade, assuring top quality every time. Playing host to a wide variety of entertainment from live music, album debuts, movie screenings on their lawn, and trivia nights, no matter what day you decide to visit, rest assured that something will be going on for you to enjoy. Radio comes highly recommended, having won Austin’s Best New Bar in 2014 and Best Coffee Shop in 2016 from the Austin Chronicle and is rated highly by all its visitors. As far as live events go, Radio is a premier venue. They host live folk and bluegrass music regularly, as well as comedy nights. If live music isn’t on the agenda, then expect a movie on the lawn or a nice game of trivia to keep your wit on its toes. With great beer, great coffee, great food, and should you bring them, great friends, Radio Coffee & Beer is one of the perfect hangout spots, and it’s located a short walk from your front door.

To see Radio Coffee & Beer for yourself, or to browse our luxury apartments as well as the rest of the neighborhood, come by our leasing office today and see exactly why Retreat at Barton Creek makes luxury apartment living so special.