How Sweet Life Can Be

luxury apartment home with balcony view at retreat at barton creek - How Sweet Life Can Be

Now is the perfect time to make a change for the better with a new luxury apartment home at Retreat at Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. See how sweet life can be surrounded by luxury apartment amenities you will love. Your lifestyle will see a great improvement when you can enjoy a gourmet kitchen and spa bathroom. What will you cook up tonight? How about fun and relaxation. Better still, Retreat at Barton Creek has tons of fun community amenities that keep the good times rolling all weekend long. Best of all, you have all of Austin at your fingertips. Find the fun that only Austin can provide, and you can live happily all year long.

How Sweet Life Can Be

It is said that it’s the little things that make life enjoyable. Well, it’s the big things too, like luxury apartment features that keep you comfy around the clock. Go as fast as your fingers can take you with Google fiber internet. When you feel the need for speed, hook in with all of your wireless devices and stream to your heart’s content. But blazing fast internet isn’t the only feature that makes your life easier. Enjoy a full-size washer and dryer set that helps you shrink laundry day down to an easy afternoon. You have better things to do, like relaxing. Put your feet up and sip an adult beverage on your private balcony or patio and reflect on how nice the good life is.

See how sweet life can be with a new luxury apartment home at Retreat at Barton Creek. Schedule your tour and get a taste of Austin luxury for yourself.

Feel the Need for Speed

luxury apartment interior with fireplace, hardwood-style flooring and private balcony access - Feel the Need for Speed

Relaxing in your new luxury apartment home at Retreat at Barton Creek can be as quiet as you want it to be. But when you feel the need for speed, you can rely on luxury apartment features like Google Fiber to bring the heat. But whether you prefer your downtime slow or streaming, you can also enjoy fun community amenities that help you make the most of your weekends. Exploring your new neighborhood is half the fun. Your next favorite restaurant or food truck is probably around the next corner. The lifestyle you want is waiting for you at Retreat at Barton Creek.

Feel the Need for Speed

You can spend your next weekend touring the Greenbelt of the Barton Creek Reservoir, or you can stream your favorite content lightning-fast over Google Fiber. Almost everyone has internet access, but only a few people have Google Fiber. Watch your favorite shows on your private balcony and soak in the outdoors as you catch up on a serial drama. When you aren’t streaming, you can keep your life streamlined with a washer and dryer in your home. Let the laundry pile up – these powerhouses can knock it out in no time. Your gourmet kitchen also has all the appliances you need to let your culinary imagination run wild. Why wait when the life you want lives here.

Feel the need for speed with fantastic amenities in your new luxury apartment home at Retreat at Barton Creek. Satisfy your craving for comfort and schedule a tour today!

Cool, Calm, and Collected Austin Luxury Apartments

Cool, Calm, and Collected Austin Luxury Apartments

Let’s face it: this year has brought all kinds of chaos, and now more than ever, we can all use an escape. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our name speaks for itself. We offer super-comfy and classy luxury apartments to give our residents a getaway, with amenities designed to add to your moments of relaxation.

Cool, Calm, and Collected

For starters, our luxury apartments have beautiful views of our Austin community and the Greenbelt, putting you close to the best scenic views in the city. Connect to the internet through Google Fiber internet service, perfect for connecting online with your co-workers or streaming your favorite TV shows from anywhere in your home. Cook like a culinary champion in our contemporary kitchens, featuring modern stainless-steel or black finish appliances, custom cabinetry, and raised breakfast bars for easy serving. Store away your extra clutter in our expansive walk-in closets, included in virtually every bedroom to help keep your home neat and tidy. Keep cool even during the hottest summers using our smart programmable thermostats, and conquer laundry day while staying within your comfort zone by using the washer and dryer sets included in every home. Finally, take a breath of fresh air and replenish the senses out on the private balconies.

Stay cool, calm, and collected from the stress of 2020 here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Sign up for an online or in-person tour of our Austin luxury apartments today.

Get a Chance to Relax

one bed one bath kitchen

The best part of luxury is finding time to enjoy yourself. Get a chance to relax at Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes. See what Austin luxury has to offer when you pick the perfect floorplan. Relax in style with luxury features that wrap you in pure comfort. A gourmet kitchen and spa bathroom are just the beginning. Fun community amenities keep the good time going just steps from your door. Make the most of your downtime with local dining and shopping choices that you will love. The new lifestyle you are searching for lives right here and needs you in it. 

Get a Chance to Relax

What do you need to unwind after a long day? Start your evening in pure comfort courtesy of your NEST thermostat. Let this handy device learn what you need to make it through your evening. The luxury of technology continues with Google Fiber internet. Enjoy your favorite streaming services at light speed anytime you like. But not all your luxury apartment features are digital. A powerful washer and dryer in your new home shrink laundry day, so you can spend more time relaxing on your private balcony or patio. Enjoy views of the Greenbelt, and let your stress melt away. Explore your new gourmet kitchen and cook something wonderful. Make the time to relax.

Get a chance to relax when you find a new home at Retreat at Barton Creek. Discover all that these Austin luxury apartment homes have to offer – schedule your tour, your way, today!

Austin Apartments to Soothe Summertime Stress


Summertime is often associated with positive images like the sun, endless horizons of ocean on the beachside, cold drinks like lemonade or iced tea, and swimming, but it can often bring downsides as well, like sunburns, sweat, and bug bites. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek are designed to allow any resident to make the most of any season, all while keeping the bad facets at bay.

First of all, we have several cool amenities to keep your luxury apartment comfortable even during the worst Texas heat waves: our digital thermostats, for instance, allow you to program our efficient air conditioners throughout the day to save energy and stay cool all day long, while the decorative ceiling fans in the living room and bedrooms circulate the air and maintain the comfort of a refreshing breeze. Brew yourself a delightful iced beverage in our contemporary kitchens, featuring black-on-black or stainless-steel modern appliances, double stainless sinks, custom cabinetry, and quartz countertops. Wash away sweat and stress in our spa-inspired bathrooms, complete with large garden tubs for soothing baths and quick showers alike. Clean out your swim trunks and dirty clothes without needing to drive to the nearest laundromat by using the full-sized washer and dryer sets included with every home. Make the most of a beautiful sunrise or a starlit evening from the patio or balcony. Finally, let your furry family cool off at home in our pet-friendly community.

Enjoy the best and prepare for the worst of summertime here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Explore our Austin luxury apartments online or in-person today.

Austin Luxury Apartment with Modern Glamour

Austin luxury apartment

Technology is a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted. It allows us to travel to far distances in minutes as opposed to hours or even days, it lets us learn new information and enjoy entertainment with the click of a mouse or a touchscreen, and it keeps us all connected even while we were asked to stay apart. Here at Retreat at Barton Creek, not only do our Austin luxury apartment floor plans contain endless comfort, but we fill each home with high-tech amenities to make every chore easier and every hobby more fulfilling.

For starters, all our luxury apartments come with the option for Google Fiber internet. Connect online on high-speed routers and video chat with friends, stream your newest video game play-through or makeup tutorial, learn a new recipe to cook, or simply pass the time by surfing the web. Create your favorite culinary treats in our modern kitchens, featuring top-of-the-line stainless-steel or black finish appliances, beautiful quartz countertops paired with subway tile backsplash, and raised breakfast bars for easy snacking. Keep cool during the hottest Texas heat waves by programming the digital thermostat and air conditioner to the ideal temperature. Clean out your bikinis and beach towels during the summertime by using the handy washer and dryer sets included in every apartment. Finally, take a break from tech once in a while and admire stunning Greenbelt views from the private balcony or patio.

Surround yourself in the best of home technology here at Retreat at Barton Creek. Call or e-mail us today and explore our Austin luxury apartment floor plans for yourself.

Refreshing Ease in our Austin Apartment Community

Austin Apartment Community

It’s important to stay home and stay safe during self-isolation, but a private walk through a park or a moment of fresh air can make all the difference in your health, especially when you allow your dog to walk alongside you. Here at the Retreat at Barton Creek, our large luxury apartment community not only puts your health at the forefront, but still grants you the freedoms you need to move forward.

For starters, our great location puts our apartment community right next to the Barton Creek Greenbelt. Hikers, joggers, nature enthusiasts, and dog lovers alike can make their journey through the beautiful landscapes while maintaining the proper distance from others, a perfect escape from work at the home offices or the stress of cabin fever. Speaking of home office, if you don’t have a powerful build of your own, or if you just want a focused area to work, our high-tech business lounge helps you finish your assignments before the deadline with complimentary Wi-Fi access. Food lovers can roast up delicious barbecue and snacks from the modern grilling stations on a warm spring day, and residents can even practice yoga out on the beautiful courtyards or by the scenic fountains. Quick trips for essentials are made simple since we are only a walking distance away from nearby shops and markets. Finally, we have disability access for residents and guests alike for greater ease while staying home.

Find joy in all the little pleasures of home at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Schedule an online tour with us today to see our Austin luxury apartment community up close.

Austin Luxury Apartments Perfect for Lazy Days

Austin luxury apartments

Sometimes, even during our current quarantine dilemma, there are just days where you want to take it easy: you’re mentally worn from a long office project, you overdid an exercise the night before, or you simply want to catch up on beauty sleep or one of your favorite shows. When those days happen, our Austin luxury apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek have your back, thanks to our great amenities and homes that anyone can feel joy in.

First of all, our breathtaking kitchens are great for cooks of any experience, whether you’re finally breaking into that new recipe book or you’re already a seasoned chef hoping to polish your skills away from the restaurant. All our kitchen spaces have stunning quartz countertops, extended bars for easy serving and snacking, a modern appliance package with a stainless-steel or black polish finish, and tall custom cabinetry to store your biggest pots and pans with ease. Keep comfortable during the hottest or coldest days of the year by using our ceiling fans and 2” faux wood blinds during the summer, or by starting a fire in our wood-burning fireplace. Connect to the internet and with loved ones around the globe as soon as you move in using our high-speed Google Fiber access. Finally, talk to neighbors while maintaining the right distance or enjoy a warm spring day out on the private balcony or patio.

Stop and smell the flowers here at the Retreat at Barton Creek. Contact us today to explore our Austin luxury apartments online and book a virtual tour.

Soothing and Serene Luxury Austin Apartments

luxury Austin apartments

Sometimes you just need to escape from the hectic schedule of our everyday lives, such as the overwhelming traffic we deal with on the way to the office or the endless supply of assignments once you get there. Thankfully, all our luxury Austin apartments at the Retreat at Barton Creek are equipped to handle even your biggest sources of stress, thanks to our great home environment and our splendid amenities.

For starters, our contemporary kitchens are pleasing to both the eye and the stomach. Roast, boil, sauté, and chill your ingredients to perfection using the modern black finish or stainless-steel appliance package, prep up goods on the beautiful quartz countertops, and store all your cookware and groceries in the custom cabinetry and oversized cabinets. Conquer laundry day from your comfort zone by using the handy full-sized washer and dryer set installed in every home. Turn our spa-inspired bathrooms into your personal oasis by drawing a hot bubble bath in our large garden tubs. Add some pizzazz to your interior décor with our lovely plank wood flooring in our living and dining areas, along with two-tone paint schemes to make your favorite portraits pop from the walls. Keep your home at the ideal temperature, even during the chilliest winters, through the smart digital thermostats. Finally, make the most of our gorgeous Greenbelt and Austin views by lounging out on the private balcony or patio.

Find your own paradise at home here at The Retreat at Barton Creek. Take a tour around our peaceful luxury Austin apartments this weekend.

Enjoy Easy-Living in Austin

Enjoy Easy-Living in Austin

What do you need in your life to be comfortable? What is your best idea for pure relaxation? Enjoy easy-living in Austin and Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes. These Austin luxury apartment homes are more than you ever imagined. Luxury apartment features dedicated to your comfort greet you every day. Each hour you spend at home helps put the day’s stress behind you. Come inside, kick off your shoes, and get on with what’s important to you in the right frame of mind. No matter how many bedrooms you choose, your floorplan has an inviting layout perfect for having friends over. Throw a party, you and your friends deserve it. You can enjoy more chances to kick-back around your apartment community. Keep up with your resolutions in the 24-hour strength and cardio gym. Reconnect with your neighbors in the clubhouse. Beauty, comfort, and relaxation are waiting for you.

Enjoy Easy-Living in Austin

What is your perfect routine at the end of the day? Is it to come home, kick-off your office gear, and grab a cocktail? Maybe you want to workout and scrub that awkward meeting out of your mind before meeting up with friends. No matter what your regular plans are, consider an alternative for a moment – your private, and spacious, and balcony. Looking out onto a great view isn’t the same as stepping into one. Your balcony is a versatile relaxation space. Privately, you can take time to sit in silence, reflect on your day, or make plans for tomorrow. For two, your balcony is a great place to enjoy a good conversation in an open, airy space. Chats and topics get lighter in free space. At a party, your balcony extends your mingle area and gives everyone a chance to get away from the music and deeply relax.

Enjoy easy-living in Austin when you make your move to Retreat at Barton Creek, luxury apartment homes in Austin, Texas. Dive into the life you crave.